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Take back control of your ServiceNow® platform

The ease and versatility that ServiceNow® gives you to customize, is what makes it the perfect service management solution for many areas of your business. However, each additional customization requires more maintenance by ServiceNow® administrators, which generates additional work during migrations.

HandCloud works with you to analyze the status of your ServiceNow® implementations and determine if a remediation plan is required to return to the box configuration and comply with best practices. We also help you establish a process to easily maintain your customizations, as well as any new customizations in the future, so upgrades are smooth and seamless.

Smart changes

Make smart modifications:

HandCloud will help you create a long-term strategic plan for ServiceNow®.

HandCloud provides you with the tools to create smarter, more stable customizations.

Return the instance to native best practices.

Achieve easy migrations:

Reduces time, effort and money through controlled migration.

HandCloud will take care of generating automated tests to avoid the manual work of testing on every migration.

Optimizes the licensing of ServiceNow®, and avoids excessive spending of money.

The HandCloud Advantage:

Broad expertise on “Out of the Box” implementations for most ServiceNow modules.

Being certified as official implementers of ServiceNow®.

Generating automated tests to confirm the correct functioning of your processes (ATF).

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