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At HandCloud we work to provide users an excellent user experience. Our goal is to create an intuitive, attractive, responsive and modern interface to provide a high-level user experience.
Service Portal

Make your users fall in love with a unique experience

ServiceNow® is the base of productivity for your work, but it’s not enough to simply use excellent business platforms for your organization. These tools are as valuable as the number of employees who use them. The key is to provide a modern, easy-to-use portal that employees can access from any device, anywhere in the world, at any time. Designing Portals with HandCloud is the fast and flexible way to create a portal that your employees will love.

Transform your ServiceNow® instance by letting us apply our latest knowledge of design and technology innovations. ServiceNow® portals are excellent for handling complex tickets, processes and catalogs, but when it comes to the end user experience, it’s not enough. Inside of HandCloud we design and create customized portals according to your needs.

Research and Strategy

Building a good User Experience starts with getting to know the user. By understanding their needs, we discover opportunities that will help us to develop an excellent experience that will allow them to carry out their work in an effective way.

UI / UX Design

Our design process ensures the highest quality in the creation of creative interfaces and experiences, consistent and scalable, so that their result allows companies to present their services in a pleasant and professional manner.

Mobile Experience

We strive for our portals to accompany users at all times, that’s why we focus on strengthening the mobile experience. Access the portal from anywhere and enjoy the experience wherever you are.

Try our DEMOS

Experience the results of our research, design and development of portals and witness the amazing experiences we offer to end users.

Try our DEMOS

Experience the results of our research, design and development of portals and witness the amazing experiences we offer to end users.

HAYAI Design Methodology

Designing a portal can take weeks of research, sketching and prototyping, these delays and extends its development time, with our methodology and design process we streamline the creation of the image and experience of your portal in just one week.
  • Design of incredible interfaces in less.
  • Best UX practices applied to each project.
  • Excellent user experiences.
  • Better understanding of the use of internal services.

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