Predictive Intelligence

Can artificial intelligence improve your working life today?

Predictive Intelligence is the fashionable term within the worlds of technology and artificial intelligence.

It solves problems faster by using AI to categorize, redirect, prioritize and assign problems with recommendations based on patterns and context.

Free your greatest resource, your employees, to focus on more meaningful and satisfying work with artificial intelligence solutions that enhance their capabilities.



Improves efficiency and customer satisfaction by proactively detecting major incidents using Predictive Intelligence and historical data.

Increases the productivity of the help desk, saving time in the manual identification of incidents and problems, achieving automatic responses to them.

Reduces solution times and manual errors with precise predictions of classification and assignment of problems.

Predictive Intelligence for IT Service Management (ITSM)

Increases productivity, reduces costs and accelerates resolution times with the use of automatic learning that instantly categories and assigns new incidents to the appropriate equipment. Proactively detect important incidents and provide content recommendations that help your Help Desk agents work faster and easier.

Agent Intelligence (ITSM)
Agent Intelligence (CSM)

Predictive Intelligence for Customer Service Management (CSM)

Shorten response times and increase customer satisfaction with automatic learning that accelerates the categorization, prioritization and assignment of cases. Increase the efficiency of your Help Desk agents, with content recommendations and suggestions of responses to important incidents, leaving aside the manual work to find the solution.

Predictive Intelligence for Human Resources Service Delivery (HRSM)

Decreases errors and misinformation within employees. Support your help desk agents to work smarter by recommending related knowledge items and detecting duplicate items, so you can give your employees automatic responses, reducing costs and speeding up incident resolution. Increases performance.
Agent Intelligence (HRSM)

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