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HandCloud is a consulting group with more than 8 years of experience, with the mission of bringing technological innovation to companies, helping to digitally transform all types of organizations.


IT Service Management

Would you like to reduce the response time of incidents within your company?

Do you want to increase the productivity of your staff and reduce the number of interactions with your help desk?

Do you also want automated responses to incidents or questions from your staff?

IT Operations Management

IT Operation Management

Do you have visibility of your infrastructure in real time?

Do you know what services live in it? Would you like to be able to consolidate and manage all the events of your infrastructure in a single tool?

Do you want to connect to different tools to have an automated process when you request a service?

IT Business Management

IT Business Management

Do you have the visibility of which resources are assigned to each project?

Do you know which are the implementation and maintenance costs of each of them?

Do you want to know which project to prioritize?

Customer Service Management

Customer Service Management

Do you take less than 1 hour to solve your customers’ problems?

Do your customers have visibility of the status of their tickets in a portal accessible at anytime and anywhere?

Does your Customer Service area have good communication with other areas to quickly resolve a case?

Do you know the satisfaction of your customers?

Human Resources Service Delivery

Human Resources Service Delivery

Would you like your staff to be able to request their vacations through a platform?

Do you have an onboarding process that lasts less than 1 day?

Do you want to guarantee that an employee’s discharge follows the company’s compliance processes on all occasions?

Do you have a portal for your employees on resolving payroll cases?

Human Resources Service Delivery

Security Operations

How quickly do you respond to security incidents?

Do you want to avoid loss of data, money and reputation?

Would you like to have all your alerts in a single tool that helps you prioritize and resolve them?

Software Asset Management

Software Asset Management

Do you have a software catalog available from your company and updated in real time?

Do you have the programs installed on your devices monitored?

Do you know how much you spend on licensing and if it is really being used?

Performance Analytics

Performance Analytics

Do you want to make intelligent and informed decisions?

And do you want to easily monitor data, forecasts and graphs?

Would you like to have that data in real time and keep it within a platform at all times?

Performance Analytics
Risk Management

Risk Management

Is your company at constant risk for not complying with established policies?

Do you want to avoid financial or legal sanctions?

Are you losing reputation and credibility for not having a governance process in your operation?

Customer Satisfaction Rating

At HandCloud we offer incredible customer service experiences, thanks to which we have been recognized among the top 3 partners in Mexico and have obtained an outstanding rating in terms of customer satisfaction, as measured by ServiceNow®.
Customer Satisfaction
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