Digital Transformation

The digital transformation of legacy workflows can be a daunting task for enterprises of all sizes. HandCloud implements customized workflows using the ServiceNow platform to eliminate costly, time-consuming manual processes.

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Our way of work

HandCloud takes a deep dive into your current workflows, examines your business objectives and user experiences, and develops bespoke digitization plans. We consolidate traditionally siloed business components like IT, HR, Security, Customer Service and other internal processes.

In addition, we offer:

  • Personalized workshops
  • Solution design methodology
  • Specialized work teams
  • Customized project proposals based solely on your organization’s needs

Benefits for your organization:

  • Automation and Digitization: reduce the time it takes to execute a business process
  • Visibility at all stages of the processes  continuously improves workflow performance with real-time data
  • Integration: unify different departments and work groups on a single automation platform
  • Time to market: reduce time to generate new products and services
  • ROI: allows visibility into the return on investment of technology solutions
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Our Digital Transformation Services:

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