6 best practices to improve interaction with your customers

February 21, 2022

During times of uncertainty, customers want assurances that you are there and committed to helping them. They want to know their concerns are being heard and any issues they have are being addressed as quickly as possible. In principle, most organizations are committed to providing a great customer experience with this level of service and certainty; in practice, many have a hard time delivering.

#1 Scale your service experience
Use digital workflows and automate processes to streamline service delivery, so agents can handle changing customer requests and volumes, no matter where they are working.

#2 Enable customers to find answers fast
Provide automated self-service capabilities that help customers get the answers they are looking for when they need them. Powerful tools that use contextual details, such as personalized portals and virtual agents connected to knowledge bases, can give customers better control over their experience. This allows them to find the right information, track service status, and ask for assistance when they need it.

#3 Efficiently complete common requests
Reduce agent workloads and deflect customer contacts with service catalogs and virtual agents that can take care of common requests. This frees up agents to focus on the more complex issues and requests that require human intervention.

#4 Resolve issues automatically
Leverage automation and artificial intelligence to collect information and complete as much work as possible, up front. Automate workflows to route cases to the agents and operations teams needed to complete requests or resolve issues. Surface relevant information and fixes to eliminate duplicative work.

#5 Empower agents with information and productivity tools
Give agents easy access to all the people, processes, and information they need, including the knowledge of their peers and other customers, to increase the speed and efficiency of their service delivery. Help them track tasks and manage their workload to optimize outcomes and productivity.

#6 Connect customer service to the entire organization
Eliminate disconnects and information silos to ensure everyone involved in servicing a customer can track and manage the progress of the customer’s request or issue, from inception to resolution.

ServiceNow prepares your customer service for whatever the future may bring

ServiceNow gives you a customer service platform that brings it all together, seamlessly connecting information, processes, and agents in your contact center to your middle and back office teams and out in the field. ServiceNow goes beyond traditional solutions to provide the digital workflows you need to expand capacity via automated self-service, organize resilient operations, and manage location-based work efficiently and safely. As a result, you can be confident you can respond fast to keep your customers satisfied and your business running efficiently, today and tomorrow.


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