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Go beyond traditional CRM to elevate your customer service

July 23, 2021

CRM is focused on sales—not service. Go all-in with an end-to-end service solution that meets today’s high customer expectations.
Customers today are different. They expect a personalized relationship with your company—not a one-time engagement—and seamless service at every point of contact. One-click convenience is becoming the norm, and there’s no time that’s more critical than when your customer is having an issue.

One of your biggest opportunities to deliver a superior experience is through customer service, and traditional CRM just isn’t cutting it anymore. Transforming customer service from a rant to a rave—and setting your company apart from the competition—requires an end-to-end customer service solution.

What does that mean, exactly?

Traditional CRM solutions for customer service prioritize engaging with customers reactively and tracking cases. Issues remain open because customer service is not connected with other parts of the organization. End-to-end solutions create a seamless customer service experience where problems are identified proactively, and internal departments are connected to resolve customer issues faster—and for good. Farrell Hough, Senior Vice President of Customer Workflows at ServiceNow®, mentions that those companies that put customer service as a key differentiator will gain the greatest competitive advantage.

How is the customer service solution from ServiceNow different than traditional CRM?

Farrell says that a CRM is great for sales, but it wasn’t designed for an end-to-end service experience. CRM service modules allow you to log a case for an issue, but it really stops there, which isn’t valuable for either party. By contrast, ServiceNow is very focused on service—it’s in our name. ServiceNow offers all parts of an organization visibility into customer issues, enabling customer service to more readily work with other departments where the root cause of the issue lies. They can use workflow to assign tasks, deliberate on solutions, and ensure roadblocks and delays are avoided so that issues are solved faster. Our solution offers the kind of robust features and integration that help resolve customer issues quickly, seamlessly, and even proactively.

If the company is using CRM for service currently, they likely are having challenges with inquiries and issues that can’t be answered by the agent during the interaction. By becoming service oriented, they will have the processes and tools in place to connect agents with other teams to diagnose the issue, fix the issue, and find the root cause to avoid the issue for other customers in the future.

In addition, ServiceNow is focus on AI, chatbots, and proactive service, there are two areas we are heavily investing in. The first is the omni-channel experience. ServiceNow wants to deliver on the promise that customers can engage with customer service on their terms, the way they want. That means on their device of choice, channel of choice, anytime, anywhere. It also means ensuring a continuum of care—having their needs met in threaded interactions from channel to channel and agent to agent.

Customer service is key to meeting and exceeding today’s higher customer expectations, and it’s a powerful differentiator in today’s world. ServiceNow enables proactive, end-toend service, and has the technical chops to handle complex environments, workflows, and legacy integrations—a winning combination for any company focused on customer experience.


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