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The Next-Generation Employee Experience

March 29, 2022

How to unlock Enterprise-wide productivity and meet the expectations of a modern workforce.

Poor Experiences = Frustrated Employees

“Why does it take ages for me to hear back from HR”

Solving issues manually means less time for strategic areas of the business and pressing priorities, such as onboarding and employee-focused initiatives.

“I never know where to look to find the information I need.”

When employees don’t have access to a physical, centralized HR platform that provides useful information, frustration and manual request increase, as barriers prevent employees from resolving issues themselves.

“I’ve gone through my onboarding, but still don´t have what I need to begin working.”

When the onboarding process is dated and/ or disorganized, it creates an immediate poor experience for new employees. Automating onboarding and other processes improve productivity and provides fast, consumer-style service that makes it easy for employees to get the services they need.

Go from HR stress to employee success!

Discover the 5 steps to building a great employee experience:

1. Simplify access to services
Use intelligent Automated answers to solve issues faster, while offering high-touch help when it matters.

2. Improve HR and IT productivity
Use less resources and serve more employees by minimizing repetitive tasks with Automated workflows and case management.

3. Streamline Employee transitions
Allow HR and IT to configure digital workflows that manage employee lifecycle events across multiple departments on a single platform.

4. Optimize service delivery
Ensure working with HR and IT is fast, easy and enjoyable, and empower employees with omni-channel self-service that reduces the cost of service delivery.

5. Improve access to data and metrics
Use powerful insights to gain greater visibility of your workforce’s needs to proactively plan and drive operational improvements.

How can ServiceNow help you get started…

ServiceNow’s integrated HR Service Delivery suite of applications are designed to meet the expectations of today’s modern workforce by delivering a next-generation employee experience with intelligent workflows, e­ortless services, all while unlocking enterprise-wide productivity. Whether it’s a simple request for information or a multi-departmental process like onboarding, we make it easy for employees to get the services they need.

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